Discover why thousands of people use Law Of Duality to beat anxiety and manifest abundance...
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What you will learn on this video:


*A hidden way to eliminate stress, fear, and anxiety.

* A blueprint to manifest success and abundance.

* The one keyword that will bring you manifestation of money, wealth, health, and inner calmness (yes, it’s all connected).

* How to master having a clear vision, focus, energy, and become unstoppable!


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  • Discover how your Higher-Self can ascend you to greater heights.

  • The number one secret of true abundance.

  • Develop practical blueprint to manifest your dreams into your daily reality.

  •  Architect your life to find joy and harmony on your own terms.

  • Deliver yourself from energy blocks, anxiety and stress, and travel to new heights.

  • Discover the magic of living with your dual energy! 

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Are you ready to awaken your hidden energy?

Our lives have been filled with layers of fear, anxiety, and low vibrational energy, that prevents us from a life of serenity, joy, and abundance.

It's time for a change.

Discover a hidden energy process to awaken your true power.

Message from Christian Cee:


I created this course because I was not able to find something as effective to deal with anxiety and manifest abundance.
There is so much free information online but what is often missing is a concise plan that will deliver results.
This blueprint for energy work, getting rid of stress, and anxiety, is one that I personally use on a daily basis.
I encourage to take action and let the results speak for themselves.
If you see no significant change in reducing your stress and anxiety and manifesting abundance... I will happily give you your money back.




Are you ready to live anxiety free and manifest personal abundance?


Christian Cee
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Act Now And Get These Bonuses:

Ascension Point Guide

Take quick and powerful action. This guide shows you the step by step process by which you can begin ascending today. Quick and easy to follow, beautifully laid out. For those that want to see results right away. 

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Law Of Duality Journal

Get a copy of the Law Duality Journal which I use on a daily basis to connect with my universal energy. This guide will empower you to stay focused and ascend. 

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Dark Ascension Point

Discover the ultimate hack to rapidly ascend towards transformation and true inner connection with the universe like never before.  This secret will have you quantum leaping towards your success. 

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Steps To Resilience Guide and Workbook

This guide and workbook will help you let go of past energy blocks in order to break free and gain ascension.

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Steps to Forgive Yourself Guide and Workbook

For those that need a deeper look into energy blocks and pain points that are hard to break. Having the contrast between this guide and the main program will really give you a much stronger way to break through pain points.

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Towards the Within Video

This meditative video covers affirmations, insights, and reflective techniques of the Law of Duality. It's great for an overall view of the program. 

Thje Complete 14 Day Challenge 

Gain access to the complete challenge all at once. No need to wait day by day. Simply download the full beautiful workbook and complete the challenge at your own pace - and cross reference each video module in the program to gain even more momentum!

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Law of Duality Facebook Group

Join us in our private facebook group where we share ideas, techniques, success stories,  and much more!

"By far one of the best online classes ot its kind. One that you can view at your own leisure. Insightful and though provocative. I recommended."

Wes Young H.

"The pursuit of happiness now has a manual that you can implement in your own terms. View the videos, take notes, and go for it!"

Susan C.

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"I wasn't expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised on the results I received. Thank you so much!"

Craig L.

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"It has helped me gain focus and a new sense of motivation. Excitedly looking forward to the journey ahead." 

Lauren G. 

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"This program has given me the ability to move beyond what was holding me back before. I love it!"  

Jennifer H.

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  • Access over 9 hours of original action steps and secrets not found anywhere else. 
  • A clear blueprint to achieving your goals. 
  • The only program of its kind dealing with duality, abundance, and manifestation. 
  • Get the program at a special low price!
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If you are not completely happy and satisfied -  we will give you a full refund within 60 days. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

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